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HLlog is a utility (written in Perl) which manipulates the Half-Life Dedicated Server console, enhancing output and adding additional functionality.


  • Optionally log all console output to a file;
  • ANSI colour-coding of console messages;
  • Re-formatted 'status' command output (displays the data in fixed-width columns);
  • DNS lookup of player IP addresses - hostnames are displayed in 'status' output;
  • Teamkill auto-kick/ban, compatible with any mods using the Half-Life Standard Log Format. TK victims can say "forgive" to nullify a teamkill;
  • Integration with KKrcon - kicks/bans and TK counts are announced to the players using the server "say" command via Rcon.


HLlog works by having the output of hlds_run piped to it. Example command line:

./hlds_run -game cstrike +map de_dust | ./hllog.pl --dns --rcon-address --rcon-password l33th4x0r --logfile cstrike/console.log
HLlog is totally compatible with the "screen" package, allowing you to retain full access to the HLDS_L console. HLlog submits commands (e.g. kicking teamkillers) to the server by Rcon, using the KKrcon Perl module.

HLlog requires Perl, and HLDS_L version or newer.

Team-kill tracking works like this:

  1. Each time a player makes a teamkill, the time of that teamkill is recorded with their WON ID and the player is warned to stop.
  2. The next time the player makes a teamkill, the time of that new teamkill is compared with their previous teamkill.
    • If their first teamkill was less than 5 minutes ago, they will be kicked from the game.
    • Otherwise the first teamkill will be forgotten and the player's TK count will be reset to 1. The player will be warned as per (1).
  3. If the player makes another teamkill (3 now) then the times will be checked again. If their previous teamkill was more than 15 minutes ago then their count will be reset to 1. Otherwise the player will be warned but no action taken.
  4. If the player makes yet another teamkill within 15 minutes (4 now), they will be banned from the server for a configurable time (default is 15 minutes).
  5. If the player returns and makes another teamkill (5 now) within 6 hours, they will be banned from the server for a configurable time (default is 1 week).

HLlog was designed and developed by Rod May (hllog@rod.net). HLlog is released as open source software under the GNU General Public License. HLlog is now under development collaboratively on SourceForge.

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